Workshop Offerings

Single Participant Delivery
Program includes:

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Single Program Delivery
2-3 Certified Pivotal Transitions Facilitators deliver workshop for (10-40) participants/session
Program includes:
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License and Certification Programs
Rights to all e.n.g.a.g.e. your life! content and materials
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Multi-level Program Delivery

Freshman Year: Exploring Personal Leadership
During freshman year, participants will explore personal leadership through the e.n.g.a.g.e. your life! process. Using the campus as an interactive classroom, the program will focus on planning, envisioning, building self-confidence and self-efficacy. Utilizing a combination of experiential activities and personal development exercises, the process will help students embrace personal strengths as they explore opportunities for the next four years. Participants will be introduced to techniques and practices for prioritizing and goal setting to champion their way through the college experience.

Sophomore Year: Emerging Leadership
During sophomore year, participants will engage in an on-campus program and take part in a one-day outdoor leadership seminar that provides the opportunity to exercise personal leadership within a team/community environment. Participants will deepen their level of self-confidence while challenging their next edge as emerging leaders. Participants will gain experience organizing and motivating teams and by practicing collaboration and effective communication.

Junior Year: Leadership Defined
Junior year, participants will capitalize on leadership skills and hone their vision of leadership by becoming certified e.n.g.a.g.e. your life! coaches to help deliver one-on-one support, learning and mentorship to incoming freshman. This provides an extraordinary opportunity to demonstrate mastery of leadership and foster sustainable relationships.

Senior Year: Leadership and Beyond
Senior year, participants will synthesize their experience by completing a team community leadership project that is cemented in, and driven by, the principles of the leadership skills they have developed through their college experience. Participants will gain the experience of combining education, leadership, and career aspirations beyond the college campus and into their next steps of the career discovery process. By taking personal leadership to the next level participants will leave the program prepared to truly engage their life!

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Career Coaching

Are you struggling to find direction in your career? Do you feel stressed, frustrated, unsatisfied or under-appreciated? Are you off-course, or losing the sense of fulfillment you once got from your job?

Or, are you looking for "the EDGE" that gives you focus and accelerates you towards career success? Do you want help to assess your marketable strengths and develop career insights with a strategy to move forward and find a fulfilling career?

If so, Career Coaching is right for you!

Whether you are just beginning your career development or looking to transition into a new career field, the Pivotal Transition team will partner with you to create your strategy for success.

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